“Will the Plastic Packaging Tax affect us?”

On April 1st of this year, a new tax will be applied to plastics-based packaging, meaning that companies who import or manufacture plastic and polythene packaging have a duty to make sure it is either made from 30%+ recycled materials, or pay a significant tax per tonne.

What will it mean?

This is brilliant news for the planet, and whilst it presents hurdles for the industry, there’s no doubt that this sort of encouragement to do better environmentally is very much needed. But of course, we’re a business, our customers are businesses, and we do have to think about less inspiring consequences like… money! We’re all wondering how this will affect prices of both polythene and its alternatives. We’re also wondering how we can all do the right thing at a reasonable cost.

The answers aren’t really simple. Much like the 2015 Carrier Bag Charge, it’s hard to make predictions of how and how much it will affect buyers and sellers of plastic packaging. It might be a roaring success like its predecessor and slash the amount of polythene used, and become habit for businesses to use less, much as it’s become habit for consumers to carry their bags-for-life. However, the more immediate consequences will be what it does to price and supply of plastics and of alternatives.

How we’re preparing

At this stage our own strategy has been to buy well whilst we can and aim to keep price rises to a minimum. We realise that many of our customers need food grade polythene which, at the moment, can’t use recycled materials to the level required to avoid the tax. We’ll be closely monitoring the effects on price and will keep our customers informed.

We’ll also be doing everything we can to keep good stocks of alternatives – paper products are one of our specialities and over the next few months we’ll be looking at our customers’ needs ready to assess and add to our product ranges if necessary. If you have request or suggestions already, why not email us at enquiries@jonesandcane.co.uk ?

Customer feedback welcome

Similarly, if you have anything relating to the Plastic Packaging Tax that you’d like to discuss with us, we’d always love to hear it. As a small business we’re always very keen to hear from others in surrounding industries how they think big changes like the tax will pan out. Like so much that has happened in the world recently, it’s something of an unknown. We’ll do our very best to keep our customers abreast of all that we know, and are ready to take on this new challenge with them always in mind.