We’ve got a busy Autumn ahead!

After a summer that was frankly rather disappointing, we’re all just about ready for Autumn here at J&C. After all, who doesn’t like turning leaves, misty mornings, and digging out your woolly jumpers for a walk to a pub with a blazing fire?!

Autumn is also a bustling time for us as a business. Agricultural packaging continues to keep us busy as the new season’s crops emerge, and across all sectors we start to see the preparations for (whisper it) Christmas. That’s why we like to enter September well-stocked and ready, even in the new post-Covid world.

Obviously we’ve not been unaffected by the events of the last 18 months, but we’re aiming to keep disruption to a minimum wherever we can. Our showrooms are now fully open and delivery schedules have returned to normal. Our staff are still wearing masks and sticking to Covid hygiene routines, but on the whole it’s business as usual.

However there are some changes we’ve been unable to prevent, as they’ve affected our entire industry. And unfortunately they relate to – you’ve guessed it – price. Shortages of kraft paper have affected paper sacks, cardboard products, and most paper bags. Basically if it’s brown packaging it’s a little bit like gold dust! We’re lucky enough to have excellent manufacturers and suppliers who’ve helped us keep cost rises to a minimum, and so we can do the same for our customers. So if you notice that your usual products are a little more expensive this time, please know that we’ve done our level best to keep prices competitive in an industry-wide shift. We’ve always prided ourselves on fair prices and can, we hope, continue to do so.

Fortunately, unlike may other sectors, we’ve not yet experienced any problems with supply. That means that we have good stocks and our lovely customers shouldn’t notice any disruption!

So when you’re ready and have finished soaking up the last drops of September sunshine, why not pop in and see us? We’re ready and waiting!