The increasing popularity of paper

We receive enquiries every week from customers looking to change their current polythene packaging to paper. It’s a decision made based on its sustainability, its recycleability and the way that consumers think about packaging now the carrier bag tax is firmly in place. This shift in focus, led by demand from our customers and their customers alike, means that we’re always on the lookout for new paper products.

As a business we’ve always tried to provide suitable green products. Two of our speciality products are paper sacks and hessian, and so we’re conscious of certification for raw materials – for example the rigorous standards of production and sustainability required to produce pure Scandinavian kraft paper. This has extended over the years to include certification for whether goods are recycled and/or recyclable, and even as far as how green the transportation used to ship them from manufacturer to seller is. Whilst this could potentially become a never-ending stream of measures of “green-ness” we try and take an overview of the situation and choose products that balance environmental credentials and realistic customer use.

What this really comes down to for many of us (sadly!) is cost. It’s lovely to run a business on strong principles, but how many small firms can really do so regardless of price? That’s why we aim to provide options for customers by keeping our prices competitive for small quantities, as well as for large ones. We’re always increasing our range of stock products, and this year we’re really focusing on paper – patterned bags and carriers for retail, and products from sacks and block bottom bags to void fill paper for industrial and agricultural customers.

We’ll be adding new products to the website and our showrooms throughout 2020, so watch this space for new lines. If you’re looking for something specific why not give us a call? We may well be able to source what you’re looking for. And if you’re not really sure, we can help you with that too! Our knowledgeable team are always happy to make suggestions. Call us on 01603 722264 or pop into out showrooms just outside Norwich.