Subscription gifts – keeping things reliable and regular

As consumers, we love a treat. But what’s better than just a treat? A treat that arrives in our homes at absolute minimum inconvenience to us! There’s Birchbox for beauty, Beer Hawk for booze, Buddy Box for bad days,¬† and even the Purrfect Box for your pusscat. And these subscription gifts all plop onto the doormat with no more than a few clicks of input from us or a generous friend.

These regular themed delivery services are a pretty good example of our changing shopping and lifestyle habits – we have increasingly¬† high expectations of what we want being available to us when and how we want it, with as little fuss or effort as possible. Of course when receiving these products we have little-to-no concept of how that convenience is created by someone at the other end really putting themselves out. If you are that someone, then it’s possible that Jones & Cane can assist you.

Varying products need a variety of packing materials

Most services like this send out a similar physical product each week or month – for example Beer Hawk are unlikely to find standard beer bottle sizes varying hugely. And if you require the same packaging each month or week, you need a reliable supply, with reliable regular delivery. And we can certainly help you with that.

But what if the products you send out vary in shape, size, fragility or weight? Then you need access to a range of solutions, from void fill to fragile tape, in quantities that reflect the fact that this month’s products need something entirely different to next months, and from the one after that, and so on. Well, we can also certainly help you with that.

Branding your box

Of course the next most important thing is branding – consistency is important across delivery periods, but if you’re a small business, ordering printed packaging can often mean minimum order quantities in the thousands. This is where many of our customers get creative, using printed labels, tapes and stamps to create a consistent package without the huge investment. Using this smaller scale branding on plain packaging has another benefit alongside price too; if part of your ethos is to be green, then packaging that is unadorned and simple shows you’re serious about reducing waste and excess in the way you provide your service. A great example of this can be seen in the clothing and textile industry. Many online retailers, particularly at the luxury goods end of the scale, are moving away from printed polythene mailing bags and towards paper sacks.

Essentially, this all adds up to the fact that subscription delivery services fit quite neatly with the major things that Jones & Cane try to achieve for our customers. Firstly, we pride ourselves on timely, hassle free delivery. Secondly, we are happy to sell in quantities suitable for small businesses and their changing needs. Combining these two things creates the “just in time” solution that a service like this requires. Thirdly, our product range includes green packaging to enable our customers to be environmentally-conscious. And finally, our commitment to customer service means that we’ll do everything we can to ensure you get the right products at the right time for the right price. Call us on 01603 722264 to discuss the best ways to box your brilliant idea.