Twenty years on the Rackheath Industrial Estate

As our homepage proudly states, Jones & Cane has been providing packaging for our clients since 1986, meaning we celebrate our 33rd anniversary this year. But this year we’ve got another milestone to mark – it’s 20 years this month since we moved to the Rackheath Industrial Estate.

Making Rackheath our home

Jones & Cane began from Bryn and Eileen’s home, and as their daughters my sister and I were taught to answer the phone in our best voice and say “Good morning, Jones & Cane” if  no grown up was in sight. Fortunately these days I’m able to be a little more helpful and can answer calls without having to yell “Daaaad!” quite so often. We had some warehousing offsite at this point, but the time came in the late 90s when Jones & Cane needed more space and more people.

man outside empty warehouse

Our first unit, 1999

Since moving to Unit 3 Oaktree Business Park, things have moved on a bit. Take a look at the pictures of a fresh-faced Bryn preparing the place for business! We soon needed to spread out, so we moved in next door too, and when Glyn couldn’t squeeze a single extra box under the rafters here, we took on another warehouse in nearby Earl Road.

The Rackheath estate is busier than ever now that the Broadland Northway runs just past us, and expanding firstly to move here, and then expanding further to stay here has been fantastic for Jones & Cane. It’s a thriving estate full of interesting businesses, and benefits us hugely by connecting us with small, local firms like our own. We’ve always been driven to ensure we offer products that have prices and quantities suitable for small businesses, and to provide a service that’s pretty unique in our local area. Hopefully some of our (very) local clients on the estate would tell you we do so!

So what about the next twenty years?

Well, good question. Immediate plans include the continued growth of our online business, alongside our core, permanent commitment to serving the local business community. We’re proud Norfolkers here and so we’ll continue to offer products and deals that we think suit our East Anglian customers. We’ll also focus on expanding our product range as the packaging world evolves, as we have done over the last three years, as the “bag tax” and green issues have caused transitions from polythene to paper across many industries. Our over-the-counter sales continue to be a massive part of this – there’s no substitute for physically seeing and touching your packaging to ensure it’s right for you, and our showroom is the perfect place to make these decisions.

So, please do come and see us at our Rackheath home! We’ll be here Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. And hopefully, for a long time to come!