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It’s UK Sausage Week! Meat packaging for bangers and more

It’s UK Sausage Week this week, which reaches its climax at the ultimate banger-fest, Bonfire Night. Norfolk is a very good place to be at this time of year as we have butchers that could tempt Guy Fawkes himself out from under Westminster to have a little sausage sizzle…

Of course this is good news for us for two reasons. Firstly, because we love local food and sausages are just the thing for colder Autumn days. But secondly, because we happen to stock everything a butcher needs to pack those perfect porkers.

sausages in pan

Perfect food for late-Autumn nights

Wraps, trays and bags

If you sell your sausages (or indeed any other meat products) by weight, then our speciality¬†food grade bags and plastissue for butchers and delis are the neatest ways to weigh and bag them. Seal the bag with one of our bag neck sealers which automatically sticks and cuts the tape, and you have a leak free sealed package for your customers. It might even look so good they’ll want to buy more – in which case you may require some of our paper or polythene carrier bags.

If you pre-pack your meat, then we can help with that too. We stock a variety of polystyrene trays suitable for as many links as you like, or even a curled-up Cumberland. We even stock trays shaped especially for poultry, if chicken or pheasant is one of your specialities.

As these trays will need to be wrapped, we can provide you with deliwrap and meatwrap, designed to create a safe seal around your meat, game and poultry.

Day-to-day supplies

Of course there are other products that might be useful that it’s easy to forget about, like tapes, disposable gloves, and even bin bags for the end-of-day clear-up. We keep items like these on the shelf all the time as we know how important little things like these are to keep every day running smoothly.

So, if you’ve got bangers that need a bag, or even poultry that needs packing, why not pop in and see us, or give us a call on 01603 722264? We’ll keep you stocked up so you can focus on the sizzling.


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