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Potato sacks to punnets – the season’s on the turn

Well, it might not be obvious if you look out of the window, but in the packaging world we’re switching seasons. The short dark days of potato sack season are pretty much behind us, and if the weather picks up as expected we’ll soon be preparing punnets for summer fruits!

Take a look below for a checklist of all the packaging you might need for the long-awaited sunny season. It’s all available off the shelf, so if you pop in, call us or order online it’ll be with you before the prime of your produce has faded…

You’ve grown… You need… You pay…
Carrots 12.5kg paper sacks £17.95 + VAT per 50
Soft fruits Punnets From £6.95 + VAT per 100
Lettuce or cabbage Lettuce bags From £6.60 + VAT per wicket
Asparagus Blue elastic bands £5.25 + VAT per pack
Celery Perforated polybags From £23.50 + VAT per 1000
Squashes and courgettes Perforated polybags From £23.50 + VAT per 1000
Beans and peas Punnets or polybags See above
Fruits for pick-your-own Pick-your-own baskets £21.00 + VAT per 25


Of course this list is not exhaustive, and you may have all sorts of lovely things you’ve grown that don’t fit neatly into the products listed above. No problem! Come in and see us and we can show you all the options for making sure your spring and summer fruit and veg are kept in the very best condition.

punnets of strawberries

Time for Spring and Summer’s colourful produce…

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