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Paper carrier bags – new low prices

Paper carrier bags have always been known as a pretty expensive alternative to polythene, and even though they’re a potentially green alternative and can look better than crinkled plastic, price has put lots of retailers off.

But not any more! This week Jones & Cane Packaging has relaunched its paper carrier bag range with new low prices. Yep, that’s right, even lower than before! You can even buy in smaller quantities than ever for most lines.

That means that all the reasons we’ve often blogged about for using paper carriers are even more compelling now – you can have a clear environmental conscience, a great looking package leaving your premises, and a wallet that stays a bit more full.

Great prices and low quantities

Take a look at these great deals on just some of the bags we now keep in stock for our retail clients who like a posh bag but don’t want a posh price:


  • Recycled brown paper takeaway carrier bags – from £4.15 + VAT per 100
  • Brown or white takeaway carrier bags – from £21.00 + VAT per 250
  • Luxury twist-handle paper carrier bags in a range of colours – from £8.85 + VAT per 50


The range includes two types of paper carrier bag, in a variety of sizes and colours:

  • Takeaway style carriers – these are paper carriers, available in white or natural brown paper, which have a folded paper handle. They were originally made to hold the steaming containers from your local takeaway (hence the name) but have proven popular for all sorts of other uses:  loose potatoes or other veg, cards and gifts, accessories. They’re a great budget option to help you decide if paper carriers can work for you.
  • Twist-handle carriers – these bags come in a wide range of sizes and have a strong handle made of twisted paper. The smallest is perfect for cards or a book or two, and the largest is suitable for anything from winter coats to textiles or even framed pictures. They come in several colours, and are popular with boutiques and homeware shops.

Still unsure? Get in touch

If you’re local, why not pop in with an example of your products and we’ll see which bag matches your needs? If you’re not, then give us a call on 01603 722264 and we’d be more than happy to run through options with you. Or of course you can email us at . You can place orders over the phone, online or in person – we’re always happy to hear from you.



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