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small paper potato sacks with handle

NEW IN! 5kg potato sacks with plastic handle

New for September

Paper sacks have always been one of our favourite lines – they’re versatile, sturdy, environmentally friendly, and they look great stuffed full of goodies – edible or otherwise. Then of course there’s Norfolk’s (and the rest of UK’s) booming farm shop community, which we’re very happy to supply with paper sacks perfect for their produce. Our latest product to add to the range is 5kg potato sacks with handles – our customers asked and we delivered!

small paper potato sacks with handle

New to Jones & Cane for the autumn.

At Jones & Cane we pride ourselves on providing good quality products in lower quantities so we don’t just serve big growers, but can also meet the needs of market gardeners, allotment societies or even those who just have very green fingers in their own back garden. So our latest sacks will be available in packs of just 50.

Practical and high quality sacks

The sacks have a bleached kraft paper outer, sturdy plastic handle at the top of the sack, and a bottom open for stitching after they’ve been filled. The handle makes them very practical for retail use, as the weight becomes easier to handle – perhaps even encouraging customers to buy more potatoes…? Fingers crossed. It’s also possible to write, stamp or even sticker your own logo and details on to the good quality white paper.

The sacks’ open edge is at the bottom, meaning the handle is secure and won’t fall off. The opening can be stitched with twine or even stapled with one of our heavy duty guns for a secure way to transport your spuds.

We’re pretty sure that these sacks will become a popular alternative to polythene bags (5kg is the largest quantity of potatoes most polythene bags can practically hold without stretch problems) as they look good, are environmentally friendly and are made from sustainable paper sources. They’re also a no-nonsense alternative to elaborate and wasteful packaging – this sack just does exactly what it says on the bag.

The best bit’s the price

As you’d expect, we’ve priced these sacks so that they’re affordable in quantities from a single pack upwards.

Plain 5kg bleached outer kraft sack with plastic handle –  just £17.50 + VAT per 50

Printed (“Selected Potatoes 5kg”) bleached outer kraft sack with plastic handle – just  £18.00 + VAT per 50 

As usual we have multibuy prices, meaning that the more you buy the more you can save too.

They can be shipped to the majority of mainland UK and Northern Ireland addresses within 48 hours. Your spuds needn’t hang around.


Don’t forget that our paper sacks aren’t just for Maris Pipers and King Eds! Take a look here to see some of our inventive customers’ other uses – from alpaca fleece to furnishing fabrics.

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