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Merry Christmas from all at Jones & Cane

Here at Jones & Cane we would like to wish our customers and suppliers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope that  2017 is a prosperous year for everyone.

We’d also like to say thank you to our customers for their continued custom in 2017 – we look forward to hearing from you again after a restful and happy festive season.

Our very best wishes for the holidays.

Bryn, Eileen, Sophie, Glyn, John & Chrismince pies



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Christmas and New Year Opening Hours

christmas pudding with lightsAll of a sudden it’s December! Here’s the details of our last order dates and Christmas / New Year closure.

Our opening hours remain the same in the run-up to Christmas – 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

We will close for Christmas at 5pm on Friday 22nd December, and reopen again in the New Year at 9am on Tuesday 2nd January.

Last orders should be placed by Friday 15th December – this means if it’s a stock line you’re ordering, you’ll have it before Christmas.

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We don’t like to mention it, but…. *Christmas is coming*

Jones and Cane at Christmas

The J&C tree, which we promise won’t go up until December!

In every office across Norfolk, and probably Britain, the same conversation is probably happening: “Christmas starts earlier every year”. And whilst we’re not huge fans of carols in November ourselves, it’s definitely time now to get things moving for the Christmas period. For most of our customers this means stocking up with everything to last the next five weeks or so, and thinking about the extra lines that might be needed for the festive season. Here’s our rundown of the top 5 christmas packaging items to stock up on:

1. Wrapping supplies

If you offer a gift wrapping service, or sell breakable items that need to be wrapped to protect them, at the very least you will need tape – and we have a wide range in stock. You may also need things like bubble wrap, tissue paper, brown paper, string, loose fill chips and boxes. Fortunately these items are all available off the shelf, to just pop in and pick up!

2. Carrier bags

As a retailer, at this time of year it can be difficult to predict how busy you’ll be – and therefore to plan your packaging. If you find yourself out of carrier bags in the run up to the big day, don’t worry! We stock a range of vest and patch handle style polythene carriers, and several sizes and colours of paper carrier bags. They’re available to buy in our packaging takeaway, and on our website, so no need to worry about them arriving too late.

3. Festive paper carrier bags

If you prefer a more seasonal carrier bag however, we have red and green twist handle paper carriers in stock – they’re perfect for clothing, gifts and food, and look bright and cheery for the holiday season.

4. Paper bags

Paper bags are fantastic things – they contain Christmassy items across the whole spectrum! For example, those tangerines in the bottom of your stocking (no, I don’t know why either) may well have come to you in a 12.5″ x 12.5″ brown greengrocers bag. Christmas cards fit perfectly in our candy striped 7″ x 9″ paper bags. If you’re planning to buy (or more importantly sell) anyone a scarf, or a craft kit or a book, then it could be very nicely presented in one of our random printed paper bags. Once again, they’re all available from our packaging cash and carry or online – you can choose between the convenience of visiting us and choosing, or of fast delivery from our web service.

5. Santa sacks

Of course this is our most obvious Christmas essential. Over the last few years these lovely printed hessian sacks have been popular with our retail customers and nearly everyone who spots them in our showrooms! They come with a red satin ribbon tie, and look great under your tree, and also tap into both Traditional and Scandinavian Christmas trends. They’re priced keenly too – and that’s pretty rare for a Christmas product!

So, if there’s anything you need for the approaching season, why not pop in and see us at our Rackheath showrooms? Or browse our website, or call us on 01603 722264. We’ll do what we can to help you through to the big day, so you can finally nod off in front of the Queen in peace.

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Norfolk, you’re looking lovely!

As you’ve almost certainly spotted, Jones & Cane is very proud to be a Norfolk business: we love it for its thriving business community, its spectacular agricultural achievements, it’s amazingly high quality food. But we also love it because it’s beautiful! (Or as another Norfolkman might have put it, “bootiful”.)

Whilst we go about our business around Norfolk, we sometimes take a few pictures that show exactly why it’s a pleasure doing business here. Here’s our favourite few from 2017…


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Local winter produce – sacks, nets and much more

Sprouts, cabbages, cauliflowers, kale, leeks, onions, swedes, turnips, rhubarb, chestnuts. You could be forgiven for thinking that’s an ingredients list for a Lean-in-15 smoothie, especially if you chuck in some oysters and mussels for protein.

However, it’s a list published by BBC Good Food magazine of the produce that is coming into its own now winter is here (unlike us, sadly) – and more specifically, it’s growing (or living, in the case of our shellfish friends) here in the fields and coastal waters of Norfolk.

Many of our customers are part of Norfolk’s thriving food trade, providing seasonal local produce to not only this region, but many a gourmet restaurant in the capital. So, if your produce needs to travel, you need to pack it. That’s where we come in.

frosty logs in sunlight

Crisp cold Norfolk days mean delicious seasonal food!

Sacks and nets

For bulky foods that need air and won’t cope well with moisture, nets and paper sacks are a good bet. They allow better air flow around produce, and will prevent condensation (or sweating) as you often see in supermarket polybags of veg. So for items like potatoes, carrots, swedes and parsnips, which also like to be out of the light, 2- and 3-ply paper sacks offer some protection from the elements, and a robust way of carrying heavier root veg.

For vegetables like cabbages, sprouts and onions, nets are more suitable as they allow goods to stay aerated when stored. This is also very handy for shellfish – the fibres are very strong and resist decay when exposed to moisture.

We’ve got some new lines to add to this section this year too. Take a look at our 5kg potato sacks with handles (brilliant if you have a farm shop) and our red 1.5kg monofilament drawstring nets, which are a perfect size for a portion of Brancaster mussels, or a selection of Christmas nuts.

Tubs, trays and wraps

If you’ve already shelled your shellfish or plucked your partridges, tubs and trays might be of use to you. We stock a variety of polystyrene trays (even some that are specifically poultry shaped), meat pads and the wraps you need to cover them. We also have a range of polystyrene and clear plastic tubs suitable for all sorts of foods, and available in sizes and shapes to fit anything from scallops to sandwiches.

Polythene bags for every use

Sometimes it’s important to see exactly how well your produce is faring, and for this clear polythene bags are the most suitable choice. Whether they’re perforated to allow air flow, or in a specialist shape for a specialist crop, we’ve got all sorts on the shelves for your use.

We’ve got bags that are already printed for your potatoes, open-faced bags for your brassicas, celery bags (which are also great for leeks) and a multitude of plain polybags as well as various ideas for sealing them.

This isn’t an exhaustive summary though – for example, we’ve got blue rubber bands for bunching veg, plastissue and disposable gloves to help when you’re handling meat, poultry and game, tissue paper for packing out trays, carrier bags, mushroom baskets, foils, cellophanes for hampers… the list goes on!

So if you’ve grown or reared something special and you’re looking for packaging solutions, give us a call on 01603 722264 or come in and see us. We’re happy to help.


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