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Norfolk’s newest passion is unusual veg


Who knew that the roots of this beauty were a delicacy?

Those city folk from outside our beloved Norfolk can often be heard making jokes about us “carrot crunchers” when they pop up here to visit their weekend homes or live the rural dream. However, what they probably don’t realise is that if it weren’t for the farmers of Norfolk, their plates would be pretty dull, empty affairs when they get back to their posh restaurants in the big smoke!

Norfolk has always been foodie heaven to those of us in the know (if you’ve never tasted asparagus from Rollesby or carrots from Wells or sausages from Norwich Market’s finest, well, you haven’t lived) but now that word’s getting out about how well the county caters for the country’s kitchens, local farmers are upping their game and getting in on the trendy veg action with all sorts of unusual crops.

Unusual veg requires imaginative packing

Here’s a list of odd things we’ve been asked to find packaging for in the last year or so – and yes, there was a bag, a sack, a box, a punnet or a net for every last one!

1.Heritage tomatoes

OK, they’re not so unusual any more, but foodies like Hemsley & Hemsley ooh and aah about them online and so demand grows! We’ve bagged and punnetted black ones, yellow ones, green ones, lemon-shaped ones and red ones in every size and shape.

2. Pumpkins & squashes

Again, not so unusual any more, but your choice is no longer limited to a big orange carving pumpkin or a butternut. From gigantic pallet boxes for the Halloween variety to veg trays for the infinite variety of smaller squashes, we’ve always got something for growers to put them (pumpk)in.

3. Romanesco

As the name might suggest, this is actually as old as the hills, being enjoyed for centuries on the continent and through the Roman Empire! It’s unusual angled shape means it looks great on plates.

4. Cucamelons

These were new to us when a customer asked for a tray to put them in. Apparently they are a fruit around the size of a grape, that taste like cucumber. In Central America they are named sandiita, or little watermelons – which is exactly what they look like.

5. Dahlia yams

They might be your nan’s favourite flower, but did you know that dahlias were first introduced to the UK as a promising new type of root vegetable? The roots provide a sweet potato-like vegetable, which was a favourite with the Aztecs, and seems to be impressing foodies buying their produce from Norfolk too.

6. Edible flowers

The prettiest of the county’s new edible crops are edible flowers such as lavender, primroses and geraniums, as well as rarer treats like butterfly sorrel. It’s hard to argue with a pretty sugared violet on top of a cake, but a quick poll around J&C HQ suggests that nasturtiums in your caesar salad might be a bit much for most. Palates must be a little more sophisticated in the posh restaurants who are going wild for locally grown flora.

Of course we are pleased to report that we managed to get all these unusual items packed perfectly to make their way to customers all over the UK. So, if you have an odd shaped, rare, unusual or even just awkward fruit or vegetable to box or bag, give us a call on 01603 722264. We’ve never been stumped yet!


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NEW IN! 5kg potato sacks with plastic handle

New for September

Paper sacks have always been one of our favourite lines – they’re versatile, sturdy, environmentally friendly, and they look great stuffed full of goodies – edible or otherwise. Then of course there’s Norfolk’s (and the rest of UK’s) booming farm shop community, which we’re very happy to supply with paper sacks perfect for their produce. Our latest product to add to the range is 5kg potato sacks with handles – our customers asked and we delivered!

small paper potato sacks with handle

New to Jones & Cane for the autumn.

At Jones & Cane we pride ourselves on providing good quality products in lower quantities so we don’t just serve big growers, but can also meet the needs of market gardeners, allotment societies or even those who just have very green fingers in their own back garden. So our latest sacks will be available in packs of just 50.

Practical and high quality sacks

The sacks have a bleached kraft paper outer, sturdy plastic handle at the top of the sack, and a bottom open for stitching after they’ve been filled. The handle makes them very practical for retail use, as the weight becomes easier to handle – perhaps even encouraging customers to buy more potatoes…? Fingers crossed. It’s also possible to write, stamp or even sticker your own logo and details on to the good quality white paper.

The sacks’ open edge is at the bottom, meaning the handle is secure and won’t fall off. The opening can be stitched with twine or even stapled with one of our heavy duty guns for a secure way to transport your spuds.

We’re pretty sure that these sacks will become a popular alternative to polythene bags (5kg is the largest quantity of potatoes most polythene bags can practically hold without stretch problems) as they look good, are environmentally friendly and are made from sustainable paper sources. They’re also a no-nonsense alternative to elaborate and wasteful packaging – this sack just does exactly what it says on the bag.

The best bit’s the price

As you’d expect, we’ve priced these sacks so that they’re affordable in quantities from a single pack upwards.

Plain 5kg bleached outer kraft sack with plastic handle –  just £17.50 + VAT per 50

Printed (“Selected Potatoes 5kg”) bleached outer kraft sack with plastic handle – just  £18.00 + VAT per 50 

As usual we have multibuy prices, meaning that the more you buy the more you can save too.

They can be shipped to the majority of mainland UK and Northern Ireland addresses within 48 hours. Your spuds needn’t hang around.


Don’t forget that our paper sacks aren’t just for Maris Pipers and King Eds! Take a look here to see some of our inventive customers’ other uses – from alpaca fleece to furnishing fabrics.

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New punnet range – new low prices

So the sun is out, we’ve got the makings of an excellent Pimms in the fridge, and we’re all ready for a good British summer. Helpfully enough, some of our customers grow the most succulent strawberries the region has to offer, and we can’t help ourselves when it comes to a punnet of these blushing beauties.

If you too are a grower of soft fruits, stoned fruits or small veg, we’ve got good news for you – our range of punnets is now not only better, but it’s cheaper too! We’ve lowered prices on our quarter lb, half lb, 1lb and 1kg punnets in time for the summer fruits season.

Head over to our punnets page to see the range available and to find a product that fits both your produce and your wallet. You’ll find a new line too – an oblong K36 punnet. This is the type of punnet used by supermarkets to pack grapes, nectarines, peaches and plums. If you’d really like to replicate their neat packing we can even sell you small nets or tubular netting to secure the contents, or if you prefer everyone to see how shiny your plums are, we stock two sizes of clear polythene lid.

We’ve added new images to help you visualise how much fruit will fit too. However, if like me, you like to hold a product in your hand before parting with your hard-earned cash, you can also pop into our showrooms to see the range and pick your packaging.

Perhaps you should bring some samples of your fruit to test them? No no, of course that wasn’t just a shameless plea for strawberries…

If you have any more questions or would like to place an order over the phone, call us on 01603 722264. We’re happy to help.

plums in lidded punnetnew potatoes in punnet

strawberry punnet

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Potato sacks to punnets – the season’s on the turn

Well, it might not be obvious if you look out of the window, but in the packaging world we’re switching seasons. The short dark days of potato sack season are pretty much behind us, and if the weather picks up as expected we’ll soon be preparing punnets for summer fruits!

Take a look below for a checklist of all the packaging you might need for the long-awaited sunny season. It’s all available off the shelf, so if you pop in, call us or order online it’ll be with you before the prime of your produce has faded…

You’ve grown… You need… You pay…
Carrots 12.5kg paper sacks £17.95 + VAT per 50
Soft fruits Punnets From £6.95 + VAT per 100
Lettuce or cabbage Lettuce bags From £6.60 + VAT per wicket
Asparagus Blue elastic bands £5.25 + VAT per pack
Celery Perforated polybags From £23.50 + VAT per 1000
Squashes and courgettes Perforated polybags From £23.50 + VAT per 1000
Beans and peas Punnets or polybags See above
Fruits for pick-your-own Pick-your-own baskets £21.00 + VAT per 25


Of course this list is not exhaustive, and you may have all sorts of lovely things you’ve grown that don’t fit neatly into the products listed above. No problem! Come in and see us and we can show you all the options for making sure your spring and summer fruit and veg are kept in the very best condition.

punnets of strawberries

Time for Spring and Summer’s colourful produce…

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Paper carrier bags – new low prices

Paper carrier bags have always been known as a pretty expensive alternative to polythene, and even though they’re a potentially green alternative and can look better than crinkled plastic, price has put lots of retailers off.

But not any more! This week Jones & Cane Packaging has relaunched its paper carrier bag range with new low prices. Yep, that’s right, even lower than before! You can even buy in smaller quantities than ever for most lines.

That means that all the reasons we’ve often blogged about for using paper carriers are even more compelling now – you can have a clear environmental conscience, a great looking package leaving your premises, and a wallet that stays a bit more full.

Great prices and low quantities

Take a look at these great deals on just some of the bags we now keep in stock for our retail clients who like a posh bag but don’t want a posh price:


  • Recycled brown paper takeaway carrier bags – from £4.15 + VAT per 100
  • Brown or white takeaway carrier bags – from £21.00 + VAT per 250
  • Luxury twist-handle paper carrier bags in a range of colours – from £8.85 + VAT per 50


The range includes two types of paper carrier bag, in a variety of sizes and colours:

  • Takeaway style carriers – these are paper carriers, available in white or natural brown paper, which have a folded paper handle. They were originally made to hold the steaming containers from your local takeaway (hence the name) but have proven popular for all sorts of other uses:  loose potatoes or other veg, cards and gifts, accessories. They’re a great budget option to help you decide if paper carriers can work for you.
  • Twist-handle carriers – these bags come in a wide range of sizes and have a strong handle made of twisted paper. The smallest is perfect for cards or a book or two, and the largest is suitable for anything from winter coats to textiles or even framed pictures. They come in several colours, and are popular with boutiques and homeware shops.

Still unsure? Get in touch

If you’re local, why not pop in with an example of your products and we’ll see which bag matches your needs? If you’re not, then give us a call on 01603 722264 and we’d be more than happy to run through options with you. Or of course you can email us at . You can place orders over the phone, online or in person – we’re always happy to hear from you.



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