It’s here! Jones & Cane’s new website is live

Of course if you’ve got this far, you’re well aware that our new website is up and running! You’ve probably already noticed how fabulous it looks, and how easy it was to navigate to this very page. And there are plenty more excellent features where those came from. Allow us to introduce the all new…

New features

We thought long and hard about what an update to our website should include, and asked our customers what they liked and disliked about our original site. The answer they resoundingly gave was that they loved the simplicity of our old site, and so this became the foundation of what we asked local web developers Nu Image to build for us: a simple, easy to navigate site with fuss-free ordering.

Of course, since the original site was built in 2010, things have progressed a bit tech-wise. So a big part of keeping the site clear and simple was to make sure it stays that way however you’re viewing it. The new site is completely mobile- and tablet responsive, and will swivel and stretch and do everything it needs to for you to access us from anywhere.

This is also reflected in our clearly laid out menus – we’ve streamlined them to ensure you find what you’re looking for in a logical place, without too many clicks or taps to get there.

We’ve cleared everything unnecessary from our product and category pages too. You’ll just see clear, informative details of products, and a button to pop them in your basket.

Another feature we’ve added is a Special Offers page. Before now, only our cash and carry customers have benefitted from our clearances and ends-of-lines, but now you can have a rummage through our virtual bargain bin from anywhere in the UK. You never know what you might find to save yourself some pennies on your packaging!

Same values

We’re really happy with these improvements to the site and hope you will be too. However we’re also very keen for our customers to know that this doesn’t change the three things that have always underpinned, and those are:

  • A wide range of specialist packaging products
  • Fast, efficient delivery
  • Excellent customer service

So, we hope you enjoy your experience of this new improved site. We’d absolutely love to hear any feedback you have for us. And don’t forget we’re still always here at the end of a phone on 01603 722264, or in person if you’re local.