Local businesses to keep you smiling

Well, 2020 continues to be a year full of new and often not-very-nice experiences, so like everyone else we’re trying to find the positives in our more restricted lives. Fortunately we’ve not had to look very far! Here are some lovely local businesses that have given us reasons to smile over the last six months…

Leslie Terrance

If you’ve followed Leslie Terrance Home Gift & Garden on Facebook or Instagram you’ll have seen exactly how hard they’ve worked to keep up with the nation’s newfound plant habit! Their beautiful shop on Magdalen Road is a lovely place to visit, but if you can’t get there there’s no need to miss out as you can buy online too. Kerri’s enthusiasm for the plants is very infectious and the range of products could cheer up even people like me whose plant tending skills are best left unmentioned. (Note: it’s ok, I remember to feed the dog, just not the plants sometimes…!)

Norfolk Raider Cider

In the warmer parts of this year’s earlier lockdown, there were few things lovelier than a cold drink in the garden, and if you’ve never tried Norfolk Raider’s Dolly Pink cider you were missing a trick! It’s not too late though, as their range is available at various outlets online and their website now has a lovely new map of local outlets too.

Letheringsett Watermill

Hopefully we’ve passed the days when people would climb over you in Tescos for the last loo roll or bag of flour. However some of us have definitiely changed our buying habits to stray from the supermarket shelves, and if you’ve switched to lovely local producers like this, I suspect like me you might not want to ever go back! Set in a beautiful spot in north Norfolk, their speciality flours make your baking something special. On their website you can also find their muesli and porridge oats which will start your days deliciously – let’s face it, we need all the help we can get!

The Sugared Rose Cake Company

Set in the pretty streets of Holt, the Sugared Rose Cake Company is the sort of shop you stare into longingly as piles of beautiful sweet things make your mouth water. The same is true of their Facebook page! Although I don’t think we should EVER need to justify treating ourselves to a delicious cake, if ever there was a time to step inside and buy the biggest, gooiest slice there is, I think it’s now, don’t you?

The Tacons

You won’t find a lovelier place to buy your fruit and veg than the Tacon’s farm at Rollesby. Or the many other delicious things in their farm shop in fact. Their pick-your-own is renowned in Norfolk and with Autumn coming you might even find a pumpkin patch. Although things are probably scary enough without worrying too much about Halloween… I’d personally recommend spuds and homemade jam from the shop – if you buy nothing else try these knowing they came from the very soil you’re standing on!

If you have any more suggestions to clear the covid gloom, we’d always like to hear them! Email us, or tweet us @jonesandcane .