Craft fairs and Christmas shopping

The ladies in the J&C office love a craft fair, and this week we heard a pretty staggering fact – the estimated spend on ‘craft’ items per year in the UK is £913 million! Whilst the definition of craft could stretch across a huge array of products and skills, it seems fair to say that handmade goods remain extremely popular in a time when they could be so easily eclipsed by mass produced items. And dare we say it, with Christmas (we know, so early for the C word) only three months away, the craft fair calendar is really kicking off.

The appeal of creative crafts

But what is it we love so much about craft? It might be that we like to feel we have items that are unique, or that we’re unlikely to see anywhere else. It might be that we feel better owning items that are produced by people we can put a face and a name to. Or it might be that we feel like craft items are made in a more environmentally conscious or sustainable way. Whatever the reason it’s clear that the trend for these items continues and Norfolk is no exception. Hundreds of fairs are happening in Norfolk in 2019, in venues from stately homes to libraries to wildlife reserves.

Packaging for crafty sellers

Many of our customers take part in these events, and we love to hear about them and visit too if we can. Not just because we love a beautiful locally made trinket or two, but also because this is exactly the sort of thing Jones & Cane likes to help with. We’re a small business selling to other small businesses, and it’s always been a point of principle with us to sell quantities suited to small enterprise at fair prices. You probably won’t need thousands of carrier bags for your craft stall (although it’d be lovely if you did), but you might get through 50, or a hundred, and that’s fine with us. You probably won’t want to buy industrial size packs of wrappings like bubble film or tissue paper, so we sell both in smaller packs like single reams and 300mm rolls. We can provide tape rolls and boxes singly. and if you’re really working on a budget, there’s even our special offers table to really trim down your overheads.

So if you’re setting up a stall in the run up to Christmas, why not pop in and see us? We have all sorts of ideas and love to see the beautiful things that end up filling our bags and boxes. We can find you a packaging solution that’s right for price, as well as in keeping with your small business ethos. Our Rackheath showrooms are open daily through the week, or call us for a chat on 01603 722264.